Planet 50/50: Step Up Zero Hunger for Gender Equality!

ZHC_P5050_StepUp_GenZeroHungerWomen play an essential role in achieving Zero Hunger as mothers, producers, farmers, managers of productive resources, entrepreneurs and income earners. The nutritional status of young women and mothers affects the ability of both them and their children to fully engage in society and to reach their full potential. Women farmers make up, on average, 43 per cent of the agricultural labour force in developing countries.

Yet women today still face unequal access to resources in the agricultural sector—including access to land, financing and technology—which puts them at a disadvantage: women farmers are 20-30 less productive than their male counterparts. However, research indicates that if women had the same access to resources as men, food output in developing countries would increase by between 2.5 and four percent – enough to pull 100-150 million people out of hunger.


Empowering women farmers also resonates beyond agricultural productivity. When women control additional income, their families enjoy better health, nutrition and education. Reforms that give women equal rights can empower women to be agents of change within their communities and societies.

That’s why this Women’s Day, the Zero Hunger Challenge is asking you to join us in celebrating and empowering women by taking a moment to reflect on and share how women are fighting around the globe to achieve a zero hunger world for all, and what you’re doing to make a difference for women’s empowerment.

More needs to be done to meet the neglected needs of women and girls; it’s time to step it up for gender equality to deliver on Zero Hunger and support the delivery of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.