In 15-20 years, what will undernutrition efforts look like?

Known to those in the global health sector as “hidden hunger,” undernutrition is an underlying cause of death for more than 2.6 million children a year, claiming a third of all child deaths globally.

In the developed world, undernutrition is addressed through fortification of staple foods such as flour and salt, though this intervention — often a joint effort between industry and government — is almost as hidden as the disease it seeks to eradicate.

Organizations like the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization and others continue to battle malnutrition and encourage governments to adopt the practice of food fortification in hot spot countries.

At the #FutureFortified Global Summit on Food Fortification in Arusha, Tanzania in September, Devex associate editor Richard Jones asked experts what the future will look like for food fortification in the ever-shifting landscape of aid priorities and global trends.

Originally Posted: | 17 December 2015