Cameroon EBAFOSA Launch


March 18th, 2016–Despite holding 65% of the world’s arable land and 10% of internal renewable fresh water sources, 240 million people in Africa still go to bed hungry. What’s more, 200 million suffer the debilitating symptoms of chronic to severe malnutrition, which also contributes to over 50% of infant mortality.

In addition, climate change threatens to reduce crop yields of key staples by up to 40%, which results in degraded ecosystems and food losses of up to 6.6 million tonnes of grains annually–enough to feed 30 million people.  Optimizing agro-value chains to eliminate these inefficiencies is critical to solving these nexus challenges.

cam1Considering that food insecurity, climate change, ecosystem degradation, and poverty challenges are related, there is a need to solve these issues together. It is under this auspices that Cameroon EBAFOSA (Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly) successfully launched a commitment to reshape Africa’s food security and climate resilience landscape. The EBAFOA intends to leverage ecosystem-based adaptation assembly policy framework offshoots from the Cameroon National Branch Launch.

For more on this topic, visit the EBAFOSA press release here.