Achieving Zero Hunger in Grenada with cassava

Cassava is not new to Grenada, but in recent times there have been moves to reintroduce the root crop and the production of cassava products.

cassavaGBN | 17 March 2015 – An Official from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) wants cassava products to get more public promotion.

In Grenada, Cassava Bread is now produced locally and now sold at three local supermarkets – two in Grenville, the other in Sauteurs.  Andall’s Supermarket is expected to begin soon.

In an interview with GBN during the first Cassava Day in Grenville last week Friday, Regional Project Coordinator, Vernaran Extravour, stressed the need for more promotion of the crop.

GrenadaAccording to the Coordinator, the FAO supports Grenada’s Zero Hunger Initiative which ties in with her responsibility of assisting to develop cassava in the region thereby reducing the food import bill.

She said that the region has endorsed the development of cassava as a priority commodity that has shown remarkably potential.

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Ms Extravour said that cassava production can create the potential for youth involvement in agriculture and for women to take a more formal role in agriculture sector.

Cassava is said to be the third largest source of food carbohydrates in the tropics.

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