Aiming to cut down on ‘flag hopping,’ UN body endorses fishing guidelines

UN NEWS CENTRE | 11 June 2014 – Members of a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) committee today endorsed a set of voluntary guidelines that target illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) which generate up to $23 billion each year. The Voluntary Guidelines for Flag State Performance, developed last year...

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UN agency spotlights ‘climate-smart’ approach to galvanize rural renewal

6 June 2014 – As the global farming community continues to curb climate change and food insecurity, the United Nations agriculture agency today spotlighted the best practices of its “climate-smart” approach to tackle those challenges and spark rural renewal. “A shift to climate-smart agriculture will not only help shield...

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EU Moves Away From ‘Best By’ Labels; Will the US Follow?

Jun 04, 14 EU Moves Away From ‘Best By’ Labels; Will the US Follow?

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Blog post by Jonathan Bloom, author of “American Wasteland” and creator of Wasted Food. The ubiquity of “best before” dates may soon be history. European history, that is. Under current European Union (EU) law, all packaged foods must have a “best before” date. That could change soon, though, thanks to a recent proposal...

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Five ways we can help end malnutrition

Jun 03, 14 Five ways we can help end malnutrition

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GAIN | 3 June 2014 – Over the last ten years, the Copenhagen Consensus has identified some of the best ways we can combat malnutrition worldwide. Since its first conference in 2004, the Copenhagen Consensus has promoted the most cost-effective solutions to address the world’s biggest challenges, and has twice highlighted...

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Urgent action needed to safeguard genetic diversity of world’s forests

UN NEWS CENTRE | 3 June 2014 – Urgent action to better manage the genetic diversity of forests – under pressure from climate change, exploitation and conversion for other uses – is needed to ensure that the benefits they provide will survive, the United Nations said in a first-of-its-kind report released today. “Forests provide...

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